Styling your wedding


Wedding Coordinator, Horetown House

Planning a wedding inolves big decisions and small decisions.  You have desided on your venue, found a celebrant, chosen your bridesmaids and you are starting to think about colours for dresses and designs for invitations. Its time to get a handle on your styling. This can be as big or as small as a task as you would like it to be, and my first piece of advice is, don’t make it harder than it needs to be.



“don’t make it harder than it needs to be”

How many Jam Jars does it take to make a wedding?

I think its fair to say that trawling through colour charts and motifs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and absolutley no one wants to peel the labels of hundreds of jam jars the week before their wedding. For couples who are really interested in the styling and photography side of weddings, there will be a lot of work involved in creating a cohesive look and feel and coordinating all of the suppliers, props and details that are becoming poular for weddings.  If you have the time and the interest in these things you can totally plan your decor and styling yourself.  If you have all the interest but lack the time or the know how, then I would recommend hiring a stylist to advise and help you to take care of this aspect of your day.  Having studied Fine Art in college I really have a love of the visual side of things and I happily search through gorgeous lettering and agonise over colours and finishes.  So, having done the trek to Ikea and hand making copius amounts of decor for my own wedding, I thought it would make a lot of sense if we stockpiled some really useful bits and pieces in Horetown and helped couples to style without the stress.  We don’t take the place of a stylist, but for couples who would like to choose some elements to create a look and feel we can style cake tables, ceremony spaces and dining tables with current props and fabrics.

Yes, No, Maybe?

Each couple has their own style, (even if you don’t know what it is yet). Finding out what that is can be a simple process of having a stroll around Pinterest or through a magazine together and saying Yes, No or Maybe. If you are the kind of couple who both have opinions on the visual side of things this is a really easy way to get a feel for what you both like. If one of you has zero interest in the décor that’s ok too, but just remember to check in with each other before making any drastic decisions. If you don’t feel drawn to any particular styles take inspiration from your wedding venue as this will have the biggest influence over the look for your day.  Another really important consideration is your date, styling a Spring wedding is a totally different task from a Winter or Christmas wedding.  Going with the season will make your stying more authentic and will make sourcing (and affording) supplies much easier.

“…If one of you has zero interest in the décor that’s ok too”

Popular Trends

In Horetown we are always updating and adding to our collection of props, fabrics and vases to help couples find the perfect look for their ceremony and tables.   While some trends appear and dissappear over night, there are always core elements that stick around a little longer. The main places to add your style items are your tables centrepieces, cake table and guest book. These are some popular looks we help our couples to create.

“…some trends dissapearovernight… core elements stick around a little longer”

“…a heavy hand early in the day can lead to very early exit.”


If you like things on the natural side, with uneven edges and lots of texture then rustic could be the right place to start. If you are going for barn or tent venue you won’t have to add an awful lot to create this look. Start with some hessian, this is the sacking material which can be bought on a roll and cut to size. Add some slices of wood in varying sizes and some jam jars with wild flowers and use some chunky candles to finish the look. If you have outdoor spaces, benches or staw bales with a few rugs can bring the look outside and jars with tea lights can be useful later at night.

Greenery and Botanical Style

Every year, The Pantone Colour Institue release their Colour of the year and last year they chose Greenery which has proven to be incredibly popular with couples. Eucalyptus has long been a favourite in bridal bouquets and as filler for arrangements, but this year it’s the star of the show.   The top leaves include Bay, Rosemary, Beech, Ferns and any amount of vines and creeping plants which lend a wild and natural finish to oversized bouquets and floral installations. There is so much to choose from and with foliage being more economical than many expensive blooms you can afford to use it in lots of ways, from chair drapes to table tops and creeping up walls.

Faded metallics

In the past we were drawn to shiny things with crystals and diamonds and glossy finishes. Now we see couples reaching past the perfect golds and seeking out faded pewters and matt coppers. This is lux without too much flash, a little bit of understated opulence. Choose a soft champagn sequin or a rose gold and pair with mismatched frames and pops of yellow gold and bronze, all things metalic are welcome, just make sure they are tarnished and worn to give a laid back feel.

Keep It simple

  • Don’t panic if you don’t dream about decor, or if one of you has no interest.  Choose the parts that really matter to you and start there.
  • If you want to go all out on decor and intend to plan installations or elaborate scenes consider the time implications and call in an expert
  • Use your venue as inspiration, it will be the biggest influence on the style of your day
  • Talk to your venue about what they have in house and use this as a base to add to
  • take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages to see lots of styles and email [email protected] if you have any questions about any of the styles you see

“…take a look at our Instagram and Facebook pages to see lots of styles”