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We are thrilled to connect with you today and share something that is dear to our hearts – Drink!.

At Horetown House, we believe that every little action counts when it comes to protecting our planet, right down to our choice of drinks. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to talk about our decision to serve glassless wine at weddings and the benefits it offers for both the Earth and our couples.

Horetown House Wine Partner
We have partnered with Winelabs, an Irish company based in Kildare, to source amazing sustainable wines.

Buying from small independent companies allows you to know where your wine is coming from and how the grapes were grown.

Winelabs has done all the “hard” work by sampling wines from small, independent vineyards. Their wine list is filled with exciting new flavors, old reliables, and plenty of organic and biodynamic options. The process involves Winelabs sending reusable casks to the vineyards, which are then filled with delicious wine. The wine is transported to our bar and connected to special wine taps, allowing us to pour it into our reusable glass bottles. We pour the wine at the tables, wash the bottles, and reuse them each week. The casks are then sent back to Winelabs, who recondition them and return them to the vineyards for refilling. This process eliminates the use of glass bottles, and so far, our couples have saved 8,264 bottles from being produced and shipped around the world!

Sourcing local wines is a little trickier than local food. However, we have decided to stay “local” in wine terms by choosing suppliers in Italy, France, and Spain. By opting for wines produced in neighboring countries, we automatically reduce transport emissions compared to using wines from South Africa, New Zealand, or Chile.


Value for money is crucial, especially when planning a significant investment like a wedding. By using local wines, more of your money is being spent on wine itself rather than on transport costs. Additionally, there are savings in bottle production, which can account for up to 10% of the cost of a 75cl bottle of wine.

When you choose to celebrate your special day at Horetown House, you’re not only selecting a beautiful venue with incredible food and wine, but also supporting sustainable practices that make a positive impact. Here are some reasons why we are passionate about serving glassless wine:


Reduced waste: By serving wine from kegs, we eliminate the need for individual bottles or glasses, resulting in less waste going to landfills and reduced energy needed for recycling.  8264 and counting!

Lower carbon footprint: With no glass bottles to ship, we significantly reduce the amount of transport emissions associated with our wines.

Cost-effectiveness: We pass on the cost savings of buying wine in bulk to our couples, allowing us to offer more expensive wines at the same price as cheaper options.

Supporting small businesses: We source our wine from small family vineyards that are passionate about their craft. By choosing glassless wine, you’re supporting these businesses and helping them thrive.

Re-usability: The kegs we use are reusable and can be reconditioned and reused over and over again.

… you are supporting sustainable practices that make a positive impact

We take pride in offering glassless wine as part of our commitment to sustainability, and we hope that you’re excited to be a part of this initiative as well.  If you’re curious about the specifics of our glassless wine initiative or want to learn more about the vineyards we work with, we encourage you to get in touch. We’re always happy to share the stories behind our sustainable practices and choices.

As we move forward, we will continue to explore innovative ways to reduce our ecological footprint and ensure that every aspect of your experience at Horetown House aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Thank you for considering Horetown House as your wedding venue. We look forward to sharing in your special day and continuing to make a positive impact together.

Warm regards,

The Horetown House Team

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Wedding Coordinator, Horetown House

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