Love at first bite


Wedding Coordinator, Horetown House

Most couples will tell us that good food is one of the main ingredients in a great wedding, and we have to agree. When planning a wedding its fair to say that couples look forward to sharing a delicious meal with their family and friends and they want to know that everyone enjoys the dishes and has plenty. Quality and quantity go hand in hand and to insure you have a happy crowd you will want to make sure your guests are well looked after.
“every element has been made from scratch in our kitchen by Tim, Davey and the team”

our food from our kitchen and our garden

Our food ethos is very strongly influenced by our head chef Tim Phelan who believes in high quality produce, cooked carefully and presented well. He champions local produce and believes that flavour is the most important element on any plate. While you won’t see any foams or flavoured smoke emanating from our dishes, you can be sure that every element from the bread for the bruschetta canapes to the pesto drizzled over the late night pizzas, has been made from scratch in our kitchen by Tim, Davey and the team.   Tim also incorporates elements from our garden into the dishes he prepares and our gardener David plants special varieties or herbs to give dishes an extra edge.   Having trained in Ballymaloe and coming from a family of bakers, Tim creates sourdough, ciabatta, brown bread, scones, pastries, tarts, muffins and any amount of handmade baked goods from our kitchen.

Choosing your Wedding menu

When couples come to choose their menu for their wedding they are conscious of suiting a large and varied group of people. We would often have conversations about dishes which the couple love themselves and would order in a restaurant but which they think more traditional eaters would shy away from. For many, the idea of a sharing board starter, which has become very popular in recent years, is something they would worry that some guests might not enjoy. While we aim to please the majority of guests, there is an element of “you can’t please everyone”. If you think the majority of your guests would enjoy something a bit different and relish the experience of an alternative to a traditional plated starter then go for it. The main course will be in keeping with what people expect and if they weren’t keen on the starter they will still enjoy a filling meal and won’t walk away hungry.

“…there is an element of “you can’t please everyone”.”

Traditional Eaters

However, if you have a large percentage of guests who are very traditional eaters and would be put off the idea of sharing then go for a plated starter that everyone will enjoy and choose something more alternative when you are eating out together. For every couple it is worth thinking through your list and considering what most people will enjoy most.

How many canapes will there be?

Canapes are another area we are often asked “is there enough?” , “will guests be hungry”? The honest answer is, it really depends on the guests. If people have had lunch before the ceremony and dinner is planned for 6pm or 6:30pm, then yes, the canapes are a lovely snack and guests will enjoy a little savory bite with drinks. However, canapes are not a substantial meal and won’t replace lunch for guests who skipped eating earlier in the day. If you are concerned about guests travelling long distances on the wedding day and perhaps not having much time for a proper lunch, couples can always add on some extra food. This can be as simple as some platters of sandwiches, cheese boards or if you really want to wow your guests, a Grazing table. But remember, your guests are about to sit down to a large 3 course meal, so they won’t be hungry for long.

Special requests

Special diets and allergies are another common concern and pop up at every wedding.   We always expect to cater for a number of vegetarians at each wedding and it is becoming more common for couples to also have a number of guests who are vegan. Coeliacs and guests who cannot consume lactose are also part of many weddings and nut allergies are also more prevalent than in previous years. We are happy to take care of any special dietary issues and these don’t affect your menu choices.  We can also provide children’s menus for your little guests.

Couples should choose for the majority and just let your venue know about any special requirements in the lead up to the big day. If you are having trouble choosing your menu, don’t be afraid to get in touch with your wedding coordinator and ask for their opinion.  They will know the menus and see guests enjoying different elements and will be well placed to share some advice from their experience across lots of different guests.

Here at Horetown House we offer a variety of food choices to suit you, your guests and the style of your wedding. Have a look at our sample menus to get an idea of your options including some of the quirkier choices for a festival style experience. We invite our couples to attend a tasting event in the lead up to their wedding which is a great opportunity to sample our food and of course our wines.  This evening is a real treat with 4 starters, 4 mains desserts, soups and sorbets all sampled by each couple and they often tell us its like a pre wedding date, which we definitely think is a great idea! Niamh and Graham are on hand to discuss the dishes and any concerns or ideas you may have about your food choices.