Logistics- The Sexy side of Wedding Planning!!!


Wedding Coordinator, Horetown House

Planning your wedding can take on lots of different angles, many of which you may not have anticipated. Suddenly you are the financial controller, receptionist and researcher for an event in an industry you probably haven’t had a whole lot of experience in and it can be daunting!

Don’t worry- we have a solution!  We are hosting a Wedding Workshop to give you all the insider info.

“most people can use some of their professional skill set to help them to navigate the wedding planning process”

Becoming a wedding coordinator

We have worked with couples from all different walks of life and most of them can bring their own skills to the planning process.  However most people realise that they don’t know the ins and outs of every different area, from flowers to music, styling to cake and everything in between.  I began with my own wedding in a tent in the garden of Horetown and from there started coordinating.  I have attended weddings here as a guest and this summer I coordinated and attended my brothers wedding so while I may not have “seen it all”, I am quietly confident I’ve seen a bit!  If you already have a full time job and don’t plan to become a wedding coordinator you probably don’t fancy becoming an expert on everything before your big day.  So how little can you get away with?

Winter Wedding Workshop

We want to help couples to learn as much as they need to, to make good decisions without becoming bogged down in all of the industry micro details.   On Sunday Sept 30th at 2pm we have invited a selection of talented creatives who want to share their knowledge to help guide you through the wedding planning process.

“…I really want to share that experience to try to make your journey that little bit easier”

Setting up Your ceremony

For my chat at the Wedding Workshop I will discuss setting up your ceremony space.   Things like access time on the day of the wedding, if things need to be removed or relocated afterwards and how much time is needed before and after for these jobs, as well as who is going to do them.


When planning your ceremony it’s worth considering what will be in your photos.  This doesn’t mean you will design a styled shoot, but small things decided in advance can have a big impact.  At the workshop we will talk about simple things like having your musicians set up at the back of the room if they have bulky  equipment or pop them right up front if they are playing a beautiful instrument.

“…This doesn’t mean you will design a styled shoot..”

Who run the world?

While you are in control of all the plans for your wedding, on the day you need to hand the logistics over to those who will be carrying out the work.  Remember, you don’t want to project manage on the day, you want to enjoy every minute!

When planning your wedding you are trying to move people, objects and activities around in one or more venues.  It is really important to consider how one vendors role will impact on another, for example if the florist is setting up elaborate ceremony flowers and the celebrant doesn’t want anything on the table something will have to give.

If you chat with your vendors in advance about what you are aiming for, the feel, the look, an overall view, they will be better placed to make the right choices for you when (not if!!!) things unexpectedly pop up on the day.

So if you would like to find out how to plan a wedding from the people who do it for a living and get an insiders perspective on how things work, join us at our Winter Wedding Workshop for chats, demos and tastings and general excitement.

The Vendors 

  • The Wild Bunch Flowers
  • Berit Altis Photographer
  • House of Ren Videographer
  • Caitriona McLoughlin Hair
  • Dawn Coveney Make up
  • Cherub Couture Cakes
  • John O’Dwyer  Sommelier Niche Wines
  • Bogart Entertainment Music