Day 2


Wedding Coordinator, Horetown House

A few years ago when you decided to get married you picked a day and made a plan, and you probably wouldn’t have given much thought to a day 2 or a night before for that matter.   We are increasingly seeing couples opt for two and three day events.

Having seen quite a few day 2’s, we have put together some ideas and tips which you might find helpful both to decide if you will go for a day 2 and also how to plan it.

“We are increasingly seeing couples opt for two and three day events.”

Do you really want a day 2?

So the first thing is, how do you cope with large numbers of people, including family over extended periods of time. Do you want to spend loads of time catching up with everyone and relaxing for an extra day, or does the idea of escaping after the big day appeal to you?  If you fall somewhere in between, consider opting for a really low key (practically secret) meet up in your local, which could just be 4 or 5 friends for a couple of drinks to chat about the day. It’s definitely worth doing something as the come down after the wedding can be intense.  As with all aspects of wedding planning, don’t do it because it’s popular, only do it if it sounds like something you really want to do.

Yes! we really want a day 2?

If you think you would like a more substantial day two, where you invite all or most of your guests back to eat the next day, here are some things to consider.

How may guests, realistically, will come back for a day two. If you have 200 guests you could probably expect somewhere between 100 to 150 guests to return. This is of course assuming you invite your entire guest list back, which is not necessary so don’t feel this is your only option. With such a big range in attendees, and less concrete RSVPS you need to speak to your venue or caterer about final numbers and how they manage these and how many meals you will need to order.


These numbers really depend on a number of things.  How far from home are your guests? If you are getting married and hosting your wedding locally, most people will swing by to join you for dinner on day two. However if your guests have traveled a considerable distance, the time and the day of the week will come into play.  If they have to book accommodation for an extra night however, this will mean if they say they are coming, they will turn up


How to gauge numbers

Saturday Wedding, Sunday BBQ

If people have work the next morning, don’t expect them all to be available for another night of partying as they will be concious of getting home. If your meal is planned for early in the day you could have people join you after they check out of their accommodation to eat before they head off. Close family and friends may take the Monday of and stay to have a repeat, and for some couples, this smaller selection is exactly what they are hoping for and they will happily wave off the main body of guests in the early afternoon. If you are planning to have food later, at say 6pm, this could be a bit of a stretch for most people who get the Sunday night fear and want to “get on the road”.   And again, depending on how many people you want to feed this can be a way to reduce numbers.

If you have your heart set on a large number of guests for a big day 2 then we would recommend a Friday wedding and a Saturday party.

Pick your battles

If there is a match on we would encourage you to factor that into your plans (even if you are allergic to sports. ALLERGIC!!!) If a group of people plan to see the match, and they go to a pub nearby to watch it, with the best intentions of coming over for food after, they may not make it. And we have all been those people!!! (not for sports events…but still)   So before you weigh up how dedicated your guests are, just make it easy and stick on the match and plan your food to start at half time or after the final whistle and get everyone in for a session.

Speaking of session, entertainment is definitely worth investing in for day two. Weddings are not cheap, and two or three day weddings are anything but, so factoring another band could send a chill down your spine. However €200 to €300 could get you a really great session and will definitely be worth it.   Or if you have friends who can string together a few tunes, bribe them immediately and have your own sing song.  We would also strongly recommend a “Field Day” or Table quiz- the latter being weather proof and way less word and free!!! And that is not a word that comes up often in Wedding planning!!!

Top tips

  • Decide if you really want a day two
  • Plan the right sized event
  • Consider the day and time to suit the guests you want to include the most
  • Work with sports events
  • Have some focal point like music of a quiz as this helps to get the craic going with full tummys!
  • Enjoy every minute- Day 2s have been known to be legendary!!!